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Thank you for visiting TreBella Wigs. Whether you stumbled upon us from a google search, a beautiful picture of our work on Instagram or a friend recommended you, we are so happy you're here. If this is your first time visiting let me tell you a little bit about us. TreBella Wigs was born out of my love for all things hair related- natural hair and extensions. I have over twenty years experience styling hair and I'm not ashamed to say that our units certainly reflect that. They have to because our clients are extremely savvy and very particular when it comes to their hair. I'm quite pleased to say that our client's reviews have consistently been stellar. In addition to providing beautiful, well crafted units, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service to our clients and prospective clients. We will continue our mission of providing women with the quality, comfort and versatility of having their very own custom units. However, we understand that customer service doesn't end once the purchase is complete. With that in mind we are available to guide you through the entire process (and beyond) so that you are satisfied with your purchase. Why does you satisfaction matter to us? Because that means- no buyer's remorse for our clients. If you enjoy your experience with us you are more likely to repeat it. This philosophy is what TreBella Wigs was built on and it's the difference between a first-time client and a long-term client. Allow us to earn your business today. 

Sincerely, Stacy